Britvic has a strong tradition of innovation, and a long history of introducing new flavours, new ingredients and new products. This means that today Britvic are home to some of the most iconic soft drink brands in Britain. Explore the brands we've used to create exciting mocktails, cocktails and hot drinks.

The drink that launched the adult soft drinks category in 1998, J2O was born out of Britvic’s juice-blending expertise.
One of Britvic’s newest developments, Spritz brings together the knowledge and skill gleaned over 20 years working with fruit juices.
Britvic started producing soft drinks under the Britvic brand name in 1949, having already been producing homemade soft drinks since the mid 19th century.
In 1893, Pepsi was launched as ‘Brad’s Drink’ in the United States – a drink used to aid digestion and boost energy.
One of the UK’s leading lemonade brands, R White’s was first produced in 1845 in Camberwell, London.
With a heritage that dates back to the late 1920s, 7Up’s 100% natural lemon and lime flavour makes it recognised around the world as a timeless classic.
In 1890 self-made businessman Thomas Lipton bought a Sri Lankan tea garden, where he started producing his own unique blends of tea.
Purdey’s is a unique blend of refreshing and revitalising fruit juices, spring water, natural herbal extracts and vitamins.
Going back almost 300 years, Teisseire is France’s number 1 syrup brand.
When Atlantic rain falls over the lush fields of Co.Limerick in Ireland, the water is filtered through rich mineral limestone.